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A detailed look at what we need to get your campaign trackin & crackin

We’ll cover:

  • How Instagram Link in Bio Works
  • Traffic generated via social, where to look for results
  • Promo code best practicies for Ambassadors
  • Heartbeat Exclusives
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Using Bio Links, & Tracking Traffic From Instagram

Every Heartbeat campaign includes Ambassadors placing a link to your target web destination in their Instagram Bio link field. But, due to the nature of where that link is located, the majority of the traffic your campaign is going to generate will come through organic search. Heartbeat sees between a 1-2% of reach clicking through via bio links, but the traffic doesn’t stop there! Ask your web administrator to track traffic generated via search during your campaign and benchmark that against your standard traffic rates to fully map the traffic your social campaign is generating.

Heartbeat ambassadors have a link that is unique to them individually that they are required to place in their bio for 72 hours during a campaign. This means we can see which Ambassadors are generating the majority of the traffic onto your destination page and prioritize accordingly. We do this free of charge, and will soon be featuring these ambassadors for you live in your wrap report.

Using Promo Codes

Promo Codes - Promo codes are one of the best ways to generate traffic from social. Heartbeat always recommends using a UNIQUE promo code for a campaign with us. This will allow you to generate a bulletproof comparison for how Heartbeat works versus other channels.

Do not use a code that is very similar to existing codes. For example if you have a live code of: MOTHERDAYVIP - don’t use VIPMOTHERSDAY for a Heartbeat campaign, instead use HEARTBEATMOTHERSDAY or some alternative that is clearly different than your active code.

We recommend that you offer Heartbeat Ambassadors something different than what is featured on your home page. For example if you were running a 15% off mothers day special, Heartbeat Ambassadors could promote an 20% off limited time offer using the unique HEARTBEATMOTHERSDAY code.

Heartbeat Exclusives

Heartbeat provides access at no extra charge to Heartbeat Exclusives a program that features YOUR promo code across thousands of user’s profiles. Our users are incredibly active, and visit their profile about 2x monthly. Our team will build this ad unit to your specifications, and target users based on their likelihood to be interested in your business based on their interests.

We see hundreds of clicks of code copies when businesses offer our Ambassadors a unique and custom offer. Don’t miss out! Let your campaign manager know today you’d like to be featured in on Heartbeat Exclusives!

- XoXo The Heartbeat Team