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A detailed look at how the survey system works during Heartbeat campaigns and how you can maximize this feature.

  • Choosing Your Target Demographic
  • Sending Your First Email to the Heartbeat Community
  • Creating Useful Survey Questions
  • How Heartbeat Selects Ambassadors for Your Campaign
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Choosing Your Target Demographic

The first step in maximizing the ROI on your campaign is selecting the Ambassadors you would like to represent your company.

We want to send our members offers that they're going to love, so we ask them to fill out several surveys so we know exactly who we're considering for a campaign. The Heartbeat Community’s members are real, amazing women, so anyone who posts for your brand is also a potential lifetime customer or user.


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Mobile App Launch - Kombie
eCommerce - FractureMe.com

Generating Signups for Your Campaign

Once you have selected the demographic you would like to have post on your behalf, Heartbeat will email members of the Community who match those characteristics with a chance to participate.

This stage is an awesome opportunity for brands to get in front of their target consumers. Heartbeat Ambassadors are some of the most responsive users on Earth - we often see open rates above 50% for this stage of the campaign! At this stage we see brands making sales, gaining new followers on social, and seeing site traffic all from Heartbeat Ambassadors!

Make sure to take time to do a write-up. During the Campaign, set up 3-5 value propositions we can use to help sell your amazing product to our user-base. The more convincing you are, the more Ambassadors will want to participate.

Creating Useful Survey Questions

The survey is an added value to our clients that allows them to ask their target demographic at least two custom questions. These questions can be used to further filter for ideal ambassadors or be used to collect important, actionable data to be used in the decisions for your business. A great survey provides a wide variety of options to choose from without requiring them to spend a great deal of time considering the options.

The answer format can be set to the following formats:

Handwritten Response
Multiple Choice (multiple answers or single answer only)
Yes / No
Scale Rating

Need specific information on what millennial women are thinking and doing in relation to your company? This is the time to ask!

How Heartbeat Selects Ambassadors for Your Campaign

Once Heartbeat Ambassadors have indicated an interest in your campaign and answered the survey, the Heartbeat team uses its software and expertise to select the best Ambassadors for your campaign.

The first factor is their average engagement on their Instagram posts. Engagement at Heartbeat is the total follower count divided by the likes, comments and/or views on their posts. The second factor is the total follower count to ensure that we deliver the contracted amount of potential reach. The last factor for selecting Ambassadors is to scan their Instagram account manually and review it for content quality.

We do our best to get you the right people saying the right things about your brand and this three step process ensures that your campaign gets off to a great start.