How Heartbeat Works

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A detailed look at what you need to know for running a successful Heartbeat campaign.

  • Introduction
  • Set-Up - Getting Your Campaign Off the Ground
  • Opt-In - Recruiting Ambassadors to Your Campaign
  • Email Blast - Approved Ambassadors Receive Instructions
  • Live Posts - Your Posts are Going Up! Now What?
  • Review & Renew - Your Wrap Report
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The creation and execution of a campaign by Heartbeat is the fastest and most cost effective in the industry using our simple 5 step process. We can have hundreds of posts on the web within days of your signup with very little effort from you, our clients! The method and information that we gather comes from Generating over 30,000 posts on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter and hundreds of clients.

Set Up - Getting Your Campaign Airborne!

The first step in creating a campaign after completing your deposit with Heartbeat is to set complete your profile with us. You’ll receive a link via email, or you can sign in here, if you’ve spoken with one of our onboarding staff members and they’ve previously sent you a link to register.

Your Heartbeat Representative will generate a link sent to your inbox for your business profile which will summarize a bit about your company (from our point of view) as well as the campaign thw two of you discussed. From there you’ll tell us a few quick things about you we don’t already know. This process takes less than 5 minutes and allows Heartbeat’s Campaign Operations Team to get an overview of what you are looking to accomplish and how we can better serve you.

The Heartbeat Campaign Operations Team will also gather the remaining creative needed by Heartbeat to begin the process of recruiting ambassadors (Opt-In) to your campaign. We will need from you:

High-resolution imagery
Hashtags for the campaign
Link tracking software you would like to use

Opt-In - Recruiting Ambassadors to Your Campaign

The second step in the Heartbeat Campaign Process is to recruit Ambassadors for your campaign through the “Opt-In” process. This typically takes between 4-5 days. We begin with an email being sent to our audience, we will place your assets into our templated format formulated for maximum Ambassador attraction.

We ask you to share with us during the set up process all of the key information to fill out our template for the Opt-In stage as well as the Email Blast stage during Set-Up.

During Opt-In we send an email to Ambassadors that fit your target demographics (powered by the Ambassador Profile). When Ambassadors see brands they’re excited about they elect to particiate and are added to our list of possible participants. We then run ambassadors through our Authenticity Engine to look for fake followers, consistent engagement, account age (how long the accounts has been live) and a 3 additional proprietary items.

The final step in the review is a manual review of the content of their Instagram profile to make sure they are an appropriate fit for your brand.

Email Blast - Approved Ambassadors Receive Instructions

Once Heartbeat Ambassadors have indicated an interest in your campaign and answered the survey, the Heartbeat team uses its software and expertise to select the best Ambassadors for your campaign.

The first factor is their average engagement on their Instagram posts. Engagement at Heartbeat is the total follower count divided by the likes, comments and/or views on their posts. The second factor is the total follower count to ensure that we deliver the contracted amount of potential reach. The last factor for selecting Ambassadors is to scan their Instagram account manually and review it for content quality.

Live Posts - Content is Going Live! Now what?

The fourth step in the Heartbeat Campaign Process occurs once posts start going live for a campaign. You’ll get updates as posts start occuring, and an overview of how things are going once we’ve gotten 50% of the way through the target number of posts for your campaign.

This is a GREAT time to interact with the Heartbeat Ambassadors who are participating in your campaign. Each campaign has key hashtags you can track which will show you posts by your Ambassador team. Comment on their posts, like the content, and let them know you’re excited to have them participating! This creates a great bond between you and consumers who want to know more about you.

Review & Renew - Your Wrap Report & What’s Next?

Once all of your posts have been completed Heartbeat will send you a link to access an interactive overview of the entire campaigns. Here are some of the features of that report:

View, analyze, and download post content
Access your opt-in report and see survey results
Communicate directly with your campaign manager
Review created emails and related stats
Review campaign performance: Reach, Likes, Comments, Clicks, etc

Make sure to book a time with your campaign manager to go over this report in real-time. We want to review this with you personally!

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