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A detailed look at how the Ambassador Profile works, and how to use that to your advantage!

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Ambassador Bio Overview

Every Heartbeat Ambassador has a profile they they can fill out in their own time. There are multiple sections contained within that profile, each of those has questions generated by marketers JUST LIKE YOU! We use those “preferences” similar to survey responses to highly target Ambassadors that are going to be great for your campaign. Heartbeat’s proprietary process makes scaling campaigns of highly targeted users based on their preferences the fastest on the planet (did we mention we once did 7,000 posts for Amazon) and that targeting means our Ambassadors are not just better at driving traffic, but more likely to PURCHASE your products both now and in the future.

Ambassador Bio Sections

We invite all of our clients to sign up to be an Ambassador with Heartbeat. There is nothing like the real experience! However, in case you’re in a hurry, or planning on doing that later, here are the sections of the user profile our Ambassadors are filling out. 80% of all Heartbeat Ambassadors have a completion rate of 100%! How amazing are they??

“General” (Ethnicity, Age, Location, etc.)
Social Media Habits
Food & Beverage

Ever Expanding Profiles

As you may have read by now Heartbeat incorporates gathering new information on our amazing Ambassadors during every campaign. This always expanding library is part of how we prioritize users for your campaign. This is just one of the ways we consistently achieve such accurate targeting.

- XoXo The Heartbeat Team