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Getting Started With Heartbeat

Heartbeat’s done some heavy lifting to make your life easier. If you didn’t find what you were looking for by searching our Knowledge Center, take a look at some of our Success Guides below. We’ll walk you through how to navigate the wild west of thousands of posts, make the most of our amazing customer research features, and how to guide users to make content that improves your bottom line.

Wondering what the Guide Cover-Art is all about? That’s Heartbeat’s homage to the amazing artists and people of our home town, Los Angeles. Enjoy the view while learning more about how Heartbeat is making coordinating thousands of people around your brand as easy as posing for a photo on Venice Beach.

This guide will teach you how you can help the Heartbeat team to get ambassadors that love what your company is about and are likely to purchase, engage, and fall in love with your product!

A detailed look at what we need to get your campaign tracking set up. This brief guide will help you ensure you have the correct link tracking in place and are optimized for performance.

This brief guide will help you understand from a 360 degree perspective how the profile helps us run great campaigns, and how you can be proactive in identifying what type of Ambassadors are right for you.

General Frequently Asked Questions

If you didn’t find what you were looking for in our guides, or are just looking for a quick answer look no further than our FAQ section! Use the search bar to jump directly to the right article. Still not finding what you’re looking for, let us know at support@heartbeat.com

What can Heartbeat do for my business?
Our network of 100,000+ millennial ambassadors can help achieve many different marketing goals: Creating brand awaresness, Encouraging e-commerce sales, Driving app installs, Getting sign-ups, Identifying and Activating Brand Loyalists, and more. Imagine what you would do if you had an army of thousands of brand advocates posting about your brand on social media - what would you have them do?
What is the demographic of a "typical" ambassador?
Heartbeat ambassadors are not influencers, Instagram models, bloggers, or even micro-influencers. They are real women, who want to share products they love and connect with. Typically, Heartbeat ambassadors’ age range is between 18-35, with an average follower count of 2000. They are college students, moms, and young professionals. The engagement rate of an influencer is about 1%, while the average engagement of a Heartbeat ambassador is 18%.Their friends and followers actually know them, so when they share something on social media, their voice is trusted.
How does a campaign work?
We work with you to identify a marketing goal and a target demographic. We create a gorgeous co-branded email blasting out the campaign to our relevant network. We ask our ambassadors to opt in if they are interested in participating, ensuring another layer of authenticity - these women really want to learn more about your brand! Once ambassadors opt-in, we then select those who we identify as potential top performers - i.e. they have high engagement rates and align with your brand - and then use our proprietary technology to pick the best overall matches. We provide those ambassadors with instructions for what to post, ensure they complete the campaigns, and track just about everything.
What can you track?
On our end, it's easy to provide reach (total follower count), engagement rate (likes+comments/followers), and clicks via unique links in Instagram bios. We love to track everything else, but we just need visitor access to your tracking system, which enables us to optimize around specific conversions, signups, and sales.
How does pricing work?
Heartbeat Engagements are priced to scale for companies of all sizes. Starting at $55 per post (ex. a typical campaign includes one post from one ambassador) we can start as low as 100 posts per month with a 3-month partnership. Campaigns include our full service experience for just $16,500 total for 3 months of continuous content creation. Custom solutions are always available for one-time event/product launch campaigns at rates priced to fit budgets on your ideal schedule! We guarantee reach and engagement numbers, and we always love to hear your story and how we may partner to help your business need.
Why is working with Ambassadors & Heartbeat better than working with influencers?
Let’s face it, it’s easy to tell when your favorite Instagram celebrity is getting paid to promote products. There is no telling if they actually use or even like the products they post about. For a lot of influencers promoting products is how they support themselves financially. Between having to deal with "diva" personalities, sky high prices and hacks, and fake likes and comments, dealing with influencers has become a nightmare! Heartbeat has taken a brand new approach. No more social media celebs. We work with real people. With real followers. Our ambassadors opt-in to receive and post about products they genuinely love. Trust us. The industry is starting to take notice. People are more likely to purchase and check out products from people they know rather than a Kylie Jenner or Justin Bieber posting sponsored products.
Why only women? Will you ever work with men?
For years, traditional marketing has been talking at women, instead of to them and giving them a say in the conversation. Heartbeat believes that the opinions of real women matter when it comes to recommending products. When comparing the social media profiles of men and women, women will consistently create better content and are more likely to spend more time creating the photos they post on social media. It is aspirational for young women to have a brand like, comment or repost their image, so they are more inclined to put greater thought and effort into their content. Our ambassadors have a fairly even split of male and female followers, so even if your company primarily target men, Heartbeat will help you reach them. It is important to keep in mind that your potential customers are not just the ambassadors, but the followers of the ambassadors, and the friends or significant others of those followers.
What social media platforms do you work with?
We've worked with almost all of them - from Facebook to musical.ly - but most of our campaigns happen on Instagram. All of our ambassadors sign up using their Instagram accounts, so we can provide robust tracking and analytics around their behavior and performance. Plus, Instagram is the platform that resonates most with millennial audiences right now. We'll adapt with platforms as they wax and wane, and our community provides us a lot of insight into which they preference to use and why.
How targeted can I be? Can you do local campaigns?
Want to reach vegans with young children in Kentucky? We can do that. Want to reach college students in specific sororities who are majoring in business? We can do that. We have over 400 data points on each of our ambassadors, including age, location, interests, behavior, social media habits, and more. Our ambassadors answer survey questions when they sign up, and we reward them for providing more information. Let us know if you're interested in more surveying and customer feedback - we can help with that too!
How do I know my campaign will be
Our system is designed to identify the ambassadors who are going to perform the best for your campaign, and are also genuinely interested in your company. We do this using our detailed targeting, our opt-in process, our survey questions, and the technology we've built to understand our ambassadors at every level. So you can trust that the ambassadors we select are authentically interested in what you're doing - giving you access directly to potential customers and activating them as instantaneous brand loyalists.
Is Heartbeat influencer marketing? Or performance marketing?
Heartbeat is a hybrid of both - something entirely new altogether. We're connecting businesses directly with their potential customers, their targets, and getting them excited about the brand in a new way. We're speaking the language of millennials and building genuine, lasting connections with brands. Part of our "secret sauce" is making our ambassadors feel special and appreciated by your business, so they will become advocates for years to come. Plus, we're adding analytics and attribution to influencer marketing, leaving the old "pay and pray" mentality of working with bloggers and influencers behind.